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Cloudstaff provides simple, scalable outsourcing solutions by combining  the right people, Cloudstaff’s custom technology and modern fully-equipped workspaces. We have made outsourcing better!

Whether you need extra staff to help with office administration, project coordinators, technical support or an entire team of developers to create the next big app, Cloudstaff outsourcing solutions are fast to deploy, extremely scalable and tailored to your individual needs. Simple!

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Support or extend?

How much of your work day is consumed by administration tasks?
Cloudstaff’s support staff are great at doing the time-consuming, repetitive tasks that stop you or your staff from focusing on the things that are really important to your business.

Want to diversify the services you offer quickly and easily?
Cloudstaff’s professional staff are highly-skilled in a wide range of roles that compliment your existing workforce or extend your company’s capabilities.

Strong workforce
Screened candidates
Lines of custom code
Staff retention

Cloudstaffers or Freelancers?

Freelance solutions are great, but they do not suit everyone. While they are perfect for smaller, one-off tasks, there are challenges with long-term or recurring projects and scalability.

Cloudstaff’s Modern Workforce is very different from typical freelance solutions. We provide talented, dedicated staff that actually become a part of your company.

We believe the foundation of any great company is its staff and the relationships formed by working closely together. Efficiency comes from understanding the people you are working with.

In addition to this, we provide modern, fully-equipped workspaces, up-to-date hardware and software, and the tools to provide seamless integration and communication with your local staff.

We are committed to providing world-class services and the highest level of customer satisfaction while adhering to a strict code of ethics and behaviour that protects our staff and provides support for the community as a whole.