A Modern Workforce is flexible, agile, scalable and efficient.

A Modern Workforce combines the right staff, the best technology and fully-equipped workspaces to deliver world-class, cost-effective workforce solutions.

A Modern Workforce utilises technology to create innovative tools that integrate people, manage processes and provide a whole new level of communication, efficiency and transparency.

A Modern Workforce is simple to create, easy to extend, designed for integration into existing workforces and is extremely cost-effective.

Cloudstaff Advantages

  • Professional recruitment.
  • Low staff turnover (under 1%).
  • Western account managers.
  • Code of conduct and behaviour.
  • Simple pricing.
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • Cloudstaff technology platform.
  • Training and support programs.
  • Modern, fully-equipped offices.
  • Customisable workspaces and security options.
  • Onsite security, biometrics and CCTV.
  • Convenient locations.

Standard Inclusions

  • Dedicated, highly-skilled staff.
  • Secure, modern workspaces.
  • Current hardware and software.
  • VoIP phone integration.
  • VPN and network services.
  • Suite video-conferencing.
  • Customised training programs (staff/company).
  • Cloudstaff custom software and tools.
  • Workspace branding.
  • Staff benefit programs.
  • Meeting and boardroom access.
  • Cloudstaff Marketplace.
  • Cloudstaff Partner Connect.

The Cloudstaff Platform is at the heart of our innovation and allows us to successfully build modern, global workforces for businesses of all sizes.

The platform is designed to maximise the effectiveness of remote teams and provides a mechanism for rapid deployment, process management, custom tools and software (built specifically for outsourcing) and access to our partner network. It also promotes the continual professional and personal development of your team.

Leveraging Industry experience

Process Manager
Pre-written, customisable tasks

Cloudstaff Software Suite
Custom software and tools to help manage your team

Application Marketplace
Apps and Software to help you and your team

Cloudstaff Foundation
Infrastructure and frameworks designed for outsourcing

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Cloudstaff’s professional recruiting team understands the importance of finding the right people. They will find candidates that have the skills you need, the attitude you want, and the right mindset to fit the culture of your company.

Cloudstaff leads the industry in staff retention rates and can boast staff turnover of under 1%, well under industry average.

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Cloudstaff is a technology-focused company that creates new and innovative technologies designed to remove the limitations associated with remote teams. By fully utilising technology to integrate people and processes, Cloudstaff has been able to provide whole new levels of communication, efficiency and transparency.

We create the tools for successful outsourcing.


All Cloudstaff workspaces are modern, secure and fully-equipped. They are fitted-out to our stringent specifications which include N+1 environmental systems, redundant power and connectivity, secure biometric and swipe card access, CCTV and manned security stations.

All workplaces are equipped with recreation areas, breakout rooms and other amenities. Cloudstaff offices operate 24×7 and comply with all regulations related to staff safety and security.

We are committed to delivering world-class services while providing an enjoyable, family-friendly workplace that encourages personal and professional growth for our staff.

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Cloudstaff encourages personal and professional growth for all staff. We provide free career guidance and training opportunities to help them reach their goals. We currently have over 50 active internal training courses and offer subsidised training off-campus. We also provide funding and resources for Cloudstaff User Groups where staff come together to share their knowledge and learn from those with similar interests.

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Cloudstaff has a strong, experienced management team with both Western and Filipino executives. Our management team has a proven track record of delivering successful outsourcing and technology solutions. The core management team is based in the Philippines and closely interacts with the operational staff.

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We adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Behavior that ensures we deliver working conditions that meet Western standards, comply with all local labour and tax laws and provide a safe and healthy work environment with modern, fully-equipped workspaces. We value diversity in the workplace and trade ethically.

We operate family-friendly workplaces and support the community through our cultural and social assistance programs.